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Welcome to Pale Traces
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Putperest, Apr 11, 10 9:10 PM.
      Welcome to Pale Traces. 

This is a relaxed raiding guild with the goal of having most fun possible any way we can. By raiding, questing, talking, dancing naked or killing hordes together :P
For this relaxed and fun environment for each and every one of us here in Pale Traces, there are some issues that needs to be put here. 

Pale Traces was first founded as a leveling guild and we are very happy to have our leveling members we had since then, they will not be removed and welcome to stay with us as long as they wish to, however, Pale Traces is now a raiding guild and new recruits will be limited to level80's and their alts. 

Speaking English in general guild chat, raid chat and party chat channels is mandatory. Persistent violation will result in lowering of ranks and furthermore, removal from the guild. 

We all are trying to have as much fun from this game as we can (yes this is a game.)in a relaxed and friendly environment and to be able to do this, we all need to be patient, understanding and sometimes loving to each other :P so calling people "noob" and stuff, or leaving raids on wipes are not welcome here. 

Guild events, such as raids or naked dance parties on great anvil will be posted on the calendar here based on game time, so make sure to check on the website's calendar often and sign up for upcoming events. And please log in about half an hour before the event and have your flasks, food etc with you. If you sign up and something happens like your mother unplugging your internet connection, pls let us know somehow. 

Pugging and progressing a planned and started guild event without guildies is a very rude action and will result in a direct kick. 

For raiding purposes, a shortlist of addons and items will be posted here soon that every member should have / install so please check for updates. 

                                                                                           Have fun :)
                                                                                 Pale Traces Officer Team
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